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Import/Export Attachments with J2XML.

This is a plugin of J2XML 3.7/3.9 which allows you to export/import attachments. Attachments by Jonathan Cameron

Please install the main app 'J2XML 3.7' or 'J2XML 3.9' before exporting/importing data.


J2XML Attachments 3.9.0

Type: application/zip

Size: 9.56 KiB

Last updated 2021-08-04 09:19:17


J2XML Attachments 3.7 Plugin requires J2XML 3.9 or J2XML 3.7 and J2XML Library 20.7.350 or above to work properly.


J2XML Attachments

Type: application/zip

Size: 7.8 KiB

Last updated 2019-01-15 07:43:43


J2XML Attachments 3.0 Plugin requires J2XML 3.2.8 or above to work properly.

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