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Would you like to create shortened URLs without using third-party services?

This plugin uses the component redirect to create shortened URLs to make them easier to share.

The short link for the article will be created, in the form domainname.tld/abcd, when an article is saved.


The length of the shortened url.

Show the shortlink link tag <link rel="shortlink" href="/"> when viewing articles.

Multilanguage websites

The links will be in the form domainname.tld/language/abcd

If you use the plug-in System - Language Filter with the option Remove URL Language Code set to Yes

the links in the default language will be in the form domainname.tld/abcd



Content - Short URL 3.10.0 Plugin

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Last updated 2022-01-17 15:33:06


The option Global configuration > SEO Settings > Search Engine Friendly URLs must be set to Yes.

The plug-in System - Redirect must be enabled.

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