How easy is it for you to register a lot of people into your Joomla! site? Do you have to do a massive user registration via CSV?

Users Importer for J2XML is what you need.

How to use it

Download and install J2XML 3.3.15 or above. Then download, install and enable the plugin Users Importer for J2XML.

plg j2xml users 00001

Navigate to the Components -> J2XML -> Control Panel screen
Click the Open button to select the CSV file.
Click the Import button.

plg j2xml users 00002



New User Registration Group
The default group that will be applied to New Users.
Password Reset required
Setting this option to yes requires the user to reset their password the next time they log into the site.

CSV file format

Download the sample CSV (comma separated values) file.

Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet application, such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. You can use a text editor too.

(Required) For each user you want to add, fill in the name, username, email in the spreadsheet.

(Optional) Fill in the other columns (password | password_clear, groups, requireReset) only if you want. Otherwise, you can leave them blank or you can ommiss it.

password: encrypted password

password_clear: plaintext password

groups: semicolon separated list of group ids

requireReset: 1|0

If both, password and password_clear, are used, the plugin uses the password field. User should change his password at the first access. If neither is used, the plugin creates a random password automatically and the user should reset his password at the first access.

Notification Mail to User

If you don't want an email will be sent to users after importing their user account, you must disable the "Notification Mail to User" option of the plugin "User - Joomla!"


Users Importer for J2XML v3.0.2



Users Importer for J2XML Plugin requires J2XML Library 16.5.278 or above to work properly.

The CSV file must be UTF-8 without BOM encoded.

Error messages

User %s imported with errors.
Invalid address:

Check Mail Settings