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J2XML 3.3 is the ultimate solution to import/export content in Joomla! 3

This version is discontinued and no longer maintained by the core team, please move to J2XML 3.7 for Joomla 3.x.


  • It allows you to export articles and users to an xml file.
  • Import articles and users from an xml file (generated by J2XML)
  • Send articles and user to another Joomla! 3 site.
  • CLI (command line interface)
  • Export/import weblinks
  • Export/import viewing access levels
  • Export/import tags
  • Export/import contacts
  • 3rd party plugins support
  • Import data from URL


To import data from a J2XML 1.5 file you have to enable the J2XML Importer 1.5 plugin.


J2XML - Importer 1.5

J2XML - Users Importer

J2XML - Wordpress Importer - requires the xsl extension for php in order to work properly.

J2XML - Attachments



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J2XML Library

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Notification Mail to User

If you don't want an email will be sent to users after importing their user account, you must disable the "Notification Mail to User" option of the plugin "User - Joomla!"

Notification Mail to User = No