The Content- Log plug-in provides logging user activity. The plug-in records if an article has been seen, modified or deleted by a user.

By default, the plug-in saves the data on a file, but it can be used with third-party plug-ins, like System - Syslog, to forward events to an external SIEM.


  • File
    If enabled, user activity will be saved on file.
  • Filename
    The name of the file that stores user activity log messages.

System - Syslog

To allow the plug-in System - Syslog to trap user activity generated by the standard Joomla! login system you have to enable the followed categories:


Content - Log Plug-in 3.8 alpha 1 Remember that this is an alpha version and should not be used for production sites. It is intended for evaluation and testing purposes only and not for commercial use.