J2XML 3 is the ultimate solution to import/export content in Joomla! 2.5+


  • It allows you to export articles and users to an xml file.
  • Import articles and users from an xml file (generated by J2XML)
  • Send articles and user to another Joomla! 2.5+ site.
  • CLI (command line interface)
  • 3rd party plugins support

Bugs and known issues

  • Intro image and Full article image are not exported (added: J2XML Library v13.6.114)
  • User profile are not exported
  • Tags are not imported (fixed: J2XML Library v15.2.247)
  • User basic settings are not imported (fixed: J2XML Library v13.6.114)
  • User time zone not imported (fixed: J2XML Importer 1.5 v3.1.9)
  • Public articles imported from J2XML haven't access field set (fixed: J2XML v1.5.4.74)
  • Articles imported from J2XML 1.5.4 have empty fields not properly stored (fixed: J2XML v3.1.b1)
  • Weblinks are not exported (fixed: J2XML v3.1.b1)
  • Fatal error: Class 'LOG' not found in /home/website/public_html/new/libraries/eshiol/j2xml/importer.php on line 244 (fixed: J2XML Library v13.9.230)
  • User is not imported if the username contains umlaut or dash (fixed: J2XML Library v13.10.231)
  • Exporting is not compatible with PHP 5.2.4 (fixed: J2XML Library v14.8.238)
  • Viewing Access Levels are not exported
  • 1056 - An error has occurred. Invalid controller: name='content', format=" " (fixed: eshiol Library v15.2.12)
  • Category Users and Tags are not exported
  • Strict Standards: Declaration of J2XMLModelWebsite::prepareTable() should be compatible with JModelAdmin::prepareTable($table) in /home/website/public_html/new/administrator/components/com_j2xml/models/website.php on line 28 (fixed: J2XML v3.2.125)

Requested features

  • Reset and send the passwords to the imported users
  • Import articles from URL (released:J2XML 3.2.128)
  • Export/Import banners
  • Export/import contacts


To import data from a J2XML 1.5 file you have to enable the J2XML Importer 1.5 plugin.


J2XML v3.1.1


J2XML Importer 1.5 plugin v3.2.21 - requires the xsl extension for php in order to work properly.

J2XML Wordpress Importer v3.2.16 - requires the xsl extension for php in order to work properly.

Development builds

Development builds represent the most current state of development for J2XML. By installing a development build you can try features that haven't been released in a stable version yet.

J2XML v3.2.7

J2XML Attachments v3.0.5

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